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There’s a certain magic when you find a place that you just know is right for you. Some people discovered it when they moved to Northeast Minneapolis. Others discover it every day at a coffee shop or a certain department store or even an auto maintenance and repair station. What is it? And why doesn’t every place have it? At St. Anthony Mobil, we don’t know the definitive answer either. But we’ve tried to be different than an auto service or gas station chain. We’re pretty sure that it’s not any one thing that assures you that you belong in a certain store. But as consumers ourselves, here are a few that we’ve noticed. The staff looks happy, even if they’re very busy. People are talking. They talk about their cars and their lives with equal comfort. The staff and the customers seem to know one another… Yet the Minneapolis auto mechanic shop doesn’t seem like an exclusive club that’s difficult to get into. All of this le ... read more


Auto Care


At St. Anthony Mobil, we’re proud of our nearly three decades as a full-service auto station in Northeast Minneapolis. However, though our history is important, it’s not really the point. Many people who are old enough to remember a full-service gas station view it as a symbol of customer service in America. Almost all of these stations have long since given up the idea of an attendant actually coming out to wash your windshield, check your oil and put gas in your car. At the same time, the world really has changed. In NE Minneapolis and everywhere else, drivers value speed and convenience. They believe that attentive service takes too much time. Yet we continue to value qualities like the knowledge of our long-time auto technicians, and the fact that you can get to know them because they’ll be here the next time you stop in. We will pick you up or drop you off while your car is being serviced. Our courtesy car service is free. And yes, if you prefer, we will still come out ... read more


Auto Care
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