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It’s hard to believe now, but at one time the service station was actually seen as a literal safe haven – a place where experts would make sure that autos were running properly and in condition to make their trips without incident.

In the 1940s, service station attendants really were the experts. They wore uniforms. In the early ‘50s, there was even a great government debate about self-serve stations; many of them were banned altogether because of the fear of fires, explosions or hazardous breakdowns that would result if drivers were to serve their own vehicles.

Okay, those disasters never happened. Today there’s less empty space between towns, and we have cell phones to stay connected. Safety is built into cars now, too.

But in Northeast Minneapolis, Columbia Heights, New Brighton and the surrounding Twin Cities area, the service station as a way to keep auto travel safe is alive and well at St. Anthony Mobil.

Auto safety can be complex: for every safety feature in today’s automobile, there’s a system that the average motorist can’t invest the time to maintain. It can also be very simple: for every driver who stops in for gas, there’s another who never thinks to check the air pressure in the tires. The solution is a professional full-service staff who is dedicated to everything about the automobile, much like they were decades ago.

If your car does break down, a cell phone is only part of the solution. The other vital part is someone on the other end of the line, a Twin Cities service station that can take its expertise on the road: battery jumping and charging, tire repair, and towing are just a phone call away.

Even in the ultra-convenient, high-tech world of today, auto safety doesn’t need to take a back seat. The solution is in NE Minneapolis at St. Anthony Mobil, one of the few remaining full-service stations in Minneapolis, St. Paul or anywhere in America.


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